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The metamaterial device has dimensions of 15.2 centimeters by 20.3 centimeters (six inches by eight inches) and is about 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) in height.

The device consists of individual fiberglass pieces arranged in parallel rows -- the same material used in circuit boards. Each piece is etched with circles of copper (Cu), and each circle contains a tiny gap that is crossed by a diode.

When the diode is excited by light, it breaks its natural symmetry, creating the non-linearity needed to make the metamaterial device.

The Duke team also used metamaterials in 2006 to show they can be used as a cloaking device to make materials invisible.

The authors state, 'This magnitude of control over light is unique to nonlinear metamaterials, and can have important consequences in all-optical communications, where the ability to manipulate light is crucial.'

To learn more about metamaterials at Duke University, please read the article 'Electromagnetic Metamaterials.'



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