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As mobility drives business the need to be able to print and scan on the go can be an advantage. HP’s new Officejet 150 has taken the crown as the portable printer class leader.

To put this statement in perspective if you want a portable printer you currently have the choice of the excellent Canon iP100 inkjet, Brother micro-sized PJ-6xx thermal printer, or HP’s OfficeJet 100.

The new OfficeJet 150 adds scan/copy to its résumé.

Mobile printers are not fast – in this case 5 pages per minute (ppm) for mono and 3.5 for colour – approx. 20 ppm in draft mode. Nor are they made for lots of use – in this case a duty cycle of 500 pages per month. Nor are they made for economy – it uses a separate black and tri-colour cartridge and depending on whether standard or high capacity ink cartridges are used the page cost is from AU$0.45-62 cents per page.

What price can you put on convenience? That is what mobile printers provide – the ability to print out invoices, letters, and quotes on the go.


  • Bluetooth 2.0 so it will pair with most Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Android and iOS
  • Pictbridge for direct printing from cameras
  • SD card slot
  • USB for Windows, Mac and Linux devices

Dimensions/Weight: 350x171x90mm 2.9kg (3.1kg with battery)


  • 65w power pack – can use a standard HP Notebook power pack
  • Lithium ion battery – prints up to 500 pages per charge
  • Optional car-charger


  • Up to 50 sheets or three envelopes
  • Paper from A6 to A4
  • Bond 64gsm to 200gsm index cards and photo-paper

User Interface: A 5.9cm colour touch screen makes it easy to copy, print and scan.


  • Optical resolution: 600DPI
  • Approx 1-2 pages per minute depending on resolution
  • The driver software allows for scan to PC, email, USB and memory cards.


RRP is AU$449 but savvy online shoppers will find discounts of up to 25% plus freight costs. Ditto for ink - the HP 97 tricolour cartridge has an RRP of $62 but online for under $40.


This is not a normal printer in the respect that you can rate it out of 10 for things like economy or print speed – it is what it is.

Print quality is good – typical of a tri-colour inkjet and paper selection makes a big difference so find some coated 90gsm stock if you want a better print.

Yes its recommened for mobile users and even for nomadic apartment dwellers or where space is at a premium.


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