Dexter Eugenio

Dexter Eugenio

A blogger and small business owner proudly helping other small businesses with their IT and Social Media, Dexter is a 15 year player in the "IT game" A closet marketing nerd and self confessed technology geek, Dexter is passionate about technology, creativity and small business and is not the least surprised he has chosen a career most befitting to his name.

If you had a 3D printer what would you print?  In Delaware, a hospital decided to print out an exoskeleton to help Emma, a 2 year old girl, fully use her arms.

In another “I told you so” for the pro Penguin brigade, Valve has confirmed that on identical hardware, Left 4 Dead 2 runs faster on Linux that it does on Windows.

A recent report released by the Entertainment Software Association has revealed some interesting facts about our gaming habits.  My interpretation? Computer games are what middle aged people play instead of having sex.

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