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Logitech have released an optional clip-on battery for its iPhone 5/s case+ protectors. It adds a much needed 2300 mAh for up to 1.5 times additional running time.

The case+ has received positive reviews due to its soft polycarbonate design and a metal back plate ‘shield’ that can magnetically attach to the drive mount or tilt cover. The shield is also a very good flat surface to palce notes or business cards to write on etc.

The energy battery is charged via a Micro USB connector on its side. It connects to the iPhone’s lightning connector to provide the back-up power. It has a fuel gage of LEDs and can be used while charging. It will charge from a standard USB 2.0, 500milliamp (ma) port but will charge much faster on a USB 3.0 or higher rated charger.

It adds 18mm to the thickness - the convenience of a snap on/off battery pack outweighs the 120g it adds.

RRP is AU$119.95 includes the case+ in light grey or black, matching energy battery pack and a USB to micro-USB cable (no charger – the iPhone charger is fine)


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