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It’s time to drop the praise and ward people off a couple of new releases that don’t come up to the mark.  Dead Island: Riptide is hoping to ride the zombie themes rather tattered coat tails, whilst Star Trek is everything we hate about film tie-in video games.

Let’s not spend too much time on these; I know, I know, but seriously I don’t get paid enough to wallow through bad code for extended periods.  Still, let’s get to the nub.

Dead Island: Riptide sees an all new “adventure” for the survivors of the first game, which amounts to being shipwrecked on a whole new island, but doing the same old thing over again; bashing the heads of zombies in, and collecting things for other survivors.

Initially there is fun to be had here – particularly if you are not completely zombied out by now due to the saturation level prevalence of these shambling undead in popular culture.

Your character can utilise just about all objects in the world as weapons, either throwing, swinging or shooting at the ever-spawning zombies that get between you and the next waypoint.  Items degrade at a rapid rate, but can be repaired and upgraded at work benches and thus begins the digital cold war.

This is the major issue; most games throw up the potential for gaming the game systems at some point in their life.  For Riptide however that is almost immediate.  It is apparent right from the start that as you level up the game will throw harder types of undead into your path, essentially meaning there is no real point (apart from getting to see all the nasties) to stay and fight for XP.  Instead it is better to simply run past.


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