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Local developer Kumobius has produced a fun extended mashup of Tiny Wings game-play with retro-feel graphics and just-one-more-go attitude.  Time Surfer is inspired by Braid as well as other addictive short-play games on IOS with the result being a two button endless surfer that is hard to put down.

The charming combination of 8-bit graphics merged with modern visual effects and a pumping sound track (which you can buy here if interested) is enough to engage and entrance for those commuting or line-waiting moments.

Game-play is tough (even without venturing to the Hell Mode) initially as your little Time Surfer needs to get the rhythm of the sine curve terrain.  The only movement control as your guy flies through space is the left button that forces him downwards, hit the down curve and release at the bottom to add (in a very non-real-physics way) momentum to launch him into the air and gain speed.
This is an endless runner style game full of fast-paced dangers in a psychedelic 2D world of floating Aliens, Asteroids (ok), Spike Traps and Cake (!), these provide strategic choices to manoeuvring (bouncing off Asteroids and Aliens give speed boosts for instance) as well as a chance to fulfil in-game goals.

The goals provide targets such as “bounce off five Asteroids” or “hit 10 perfect curves” with a Cake reward.  Cake is then spent on pets that are unlocked also by completing goals and give our Time Surfer added powers and boosts.

But what does the other button do, well the hint is in the games name.  Because the action comes think and fast, mistakes are made.  Without the magic other button the frustration level would rise inverse to the time spent playing.  The magic other button reverses time, pulling our little surfer dude out of a pit or back from a Spike block, giving him a second or third chance.
Time reversal is a finite, but refillable, resource that becomes second nature to use, whether to save from obvious death or strategically in flight to hit appropriate floating items.  The result is a furious colour soaked blast through space and time that whilst it is drawing on many other similar games for inspiration, binds them together in a cohesive and addictive way, exactly what you need on your mobile device.


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