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The new enemy introduced here – the Prometheans – however, will put up a challenging fight,  Cortana was getting on my nerves from time to time as she yelled “More Knights!” just a few times too many as the large, heavily armoured, teleporting enemies once again appeared.  Taking out the hovering guardians that provide shields and resurrection abilities to the Prometheans, is essentially to success in the campaign.

Promethean weapons are also fun to play with, picking up a new one will see it build itself in mid-air in front of Master Chief, and there is true senses of power as some of the bigger guns are let loose.  There is however a bit of a weird trigger delay on firing some weapons during scoped combat.  More than any game in Halo’s past, ammo conservation can become an issue from time to time, there are certainly some missions much tougher than others requiring trying different approaches in order to succeed.

Dual wielding does not return and It is a shame that some weapons did not make the cut (my favourite Plasma Rifle is nowhere to be seen), particularly as in some cases there  is a bit of overlap, the Covenant Carbine for example does much the same job as the new Promethean Lite Rifle.  Still, Master Chief will have plenty to choose from, and selecting the right tool for the job is part of the challenge.
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Halo 4 is still Halo despite Bungies absence, the storyline has been delivered, perhaps better than ever before, it almost borders on ‘cheesy’ occasionally, but, brings it back each time.  The cut-scenes are up there with the best in the industry plus the action pacing is top-notch and in keeping with the legacy of over a decade worth of refinement.  Whilst the head may have changed, the Halo remains.


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