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Ransom demands: Apple denies its systems were breached

23 March 2017 in Security

Apple has denied that there have been breaches of any of its systems, including iCloud and Apple ID.

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Google to reduce trust level in Symantec-issued certificates

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Google will reduce the trust level in Symantec-issued certificates following an investigation into a series of incidents where such certificates…

ANZ money transfer firm offers South Africa payments

24 March 2017 in Enterprise Solutions

Australia and New Zealand money transfer business OrbitRemit has begun remittances to South Africa and will offer payments in rand…

SA satellite start-up begins water tank monitoring trials

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Myriota, a South Australian satellite start-up, has teamed up with the University of New England and the Australia and New…

W3C publishes standard for digital rights management

23 March 2017 in Technology Regulation

The World Wide Web Consortium has begun the formal process of ratifying a digital rights management standard for the Internet.

Fraudster cheats US tech firms of more than US$100m

23 March 2017 in Security

A Lithuanian man known as Evaldas Rimasauskas succeeded in bilking two American companies of more than US$100 million by pretending…

Trump goes after girl, 17, over cat website

23 March 2017 in Entertainment

The general counsel for The Trump Organisation has sent a cease-and-desist letter to a 17-year-old American girl who created a…

SUSE to be standard OS for Huawei KunLun server

23 March 2017 in Open Source

Germany-based SUSE Linux and Huawei say SUSE Linux Enterprise Server will be the preferred standard operating system for Huawei's KunLun…

New all-solid-state battery inventor hits back at critics

23 March 2017 in Mobility

The inventor of a new all-solid-state battery has hit back at critics of his announcement who have claimed that it…

Alibaba announces regional logistics hub in Malaysia

23 March 2017 in Strategy

Chinese online giant Alibaba Holdings will set up a regional logistics hub in Malaysia as part of a digital free…

Inmarsat, Pivotel bring smartphone connectivity to remote workers

22 March 2017 in Telecoms & NBN

Australian mobile satellite solutions provider Pivotel Satellite has partnered with global satellite company Inmarsat to launch a new service enabling…

Virtustream now available within Australia

23 March 2017 in Cloud

Dell Technologies' cloud subsidiary Virtustream is now operating from data centres in Sydney and Canberra.

LG OLED is WOWLED – Cinema quality in the home

22 March 2017 in Entertainment

LG has previewed its 2017 range of “Signature” OLED and Super UHD 4K TVs incorporating Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos…

Is voice the next user interface?

22 March 2017 in ShawThing

Apple has Siri, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Google OK Google/Assistant. Now Samsung has put a very male cat —…

Pronto Xi 740 makes BI easier for end users

22 March 2017 in Accounting Software

Pronto Xi 740, the latest release of the Australian company's ERP and analytics software, blurs the line between BI and…

Device ban aims to help US airlines compete

22 March 2017 in Open Sauce

How is it safer to store a device that can be used for malicious purposes in the hold of a…

Continual monitoring of cloud computing trends, with regular updates to the enterprise's cloud strategy, will be essential to avoid costly mistakes or miss market opportunities over the next few years, according to Gartner, Inc. Although the potential for cloud computing is significant, the breadth and depth of the impact, as well as the level of adoption over time, are uncertain and will require frequent review.


"Cloud computing is a major technology trend that has permeated the market over the last two years. It sets the stage for a new approach to IT that enables individuals and businesses to choose how they'll acquire or deliver IT services, with reduced emphasis on the constraints of traditional software and hardware licensing models," said David Cearley, vice president and Gartner Fellow. "Cloud computing has a significant potential impact on every aspect of IT and how users access applications, information and business services."

"The trend and related technologies continue to evolve and change rapidly, and there is continuing confusion and misunderstanding as vendors increasingly hype 'cloud' as a marketing term," said David Mitchell Smith, vice president and Gartner Fellow. "This level of impact, confusion, uncertainty and change make cloud computing one of Gartner's top 10 strategic technology trends to address."

Gartner has identified five cloud computing subtrends that will be accelerating, shifting or reaching a tipping point over the next three years and that users must factor into their planning processes:

Formal Decision Frameworks Facilitate Cloud Investment Optimization

The cloud promises to deliver a range of benefits, including a shift from capital-intensive to operational cost models, lower overall cost, greater agility and reduced complexity. It can also be used to shift the focus of IT resources to higher-value-added activities for the business, or to support business innovation and, potentially, lower risks. However, these prospective benefits need to be examined carefully and mapped against a number of challenges, including security, lack of transparency, concerns about performance and availability, the potential for vendor lock-in, licensing constraints and integration needs. These issues create a complex environment in which to evaluate individual cloud offerings.

Hybrid Cloud Computing Is an Imperative

Hybrid computing refers to the coordination and combination of external cloud computing services (public or private) and internal infrastructure or application services. Over time, hybrid cloud computing could lead to a unified model in which there is a single "cloud" made up of multiple cloud platforms (internal or external) that can be used, as needed, based on changing business requirements. Gartner recommends that enterprises focus near-term efforts on application and data integration, linking fixed internal and external applications with a hybrid solution. Where public cloud application services or custom applications running on public cloud infrastructures are used, guidelines and standards should be established for how these elements will combine with internal systems to form a hybrid environment.


Cloud Brokerage Will Facilitate Cloud Consumption

As cloud computing adoption proliferates, so does the need for consumption assistance. A cloud services brokerage (CSB) is a service provider that plays an intermediary role in cloud computing. Interest in the CSB concept increased last year, and Gartner expects this trend to accelerate over the next three years as more individuals, whether they are in IT or a line-of-business unit, consume cloud services without involving IT.

To address this challenge, Gartner believes that IT departments should explore how they can position themselves as CSBs to the enterprise by establishing a purchasing process that accommodates cloud adoption and encourages business units to come to the IT organization for advice and support. The enterprise CSB approach can be implemented by modifying existing processes and tools such as internal portals and service catalogs.

Cloud-Centric Design Becomes a Necessity

Many organizations look first for opportunities to migrate existing enterprise workloads to a cloud system and/or an application infrastructure. This approach may provide benefits where the workload has a highly variable resource requirement, or where the application naturally lends itself to horizontal scalability. However, to fully exploit the potential of a cloud model, applications need to be designed with the unique characteristics, limitations and opportunities of a cloud model in mind. Gartner advises enterprises to look beyond the migration of enterprise workloads to the creation of cloud-optimized applications that fully exploit the potential of the cloud to deliver global-class applications.


Cloud Computing Influences Future Data Center and Operational Models

In public cloud computing, an enterprise is acting as a consumer of services, with the cloud services provider handling the implementation details, including the data center and related operational models. However, to the extent that the enterprise continues to build its own data centers, they will be influenced by the implementation models used by cloud services providers. Gartner recommends that enterprises apply the concepts of cloud computing to future data center and infrastructure investments to increase agility and efficiency.

Additional information is available in the Gartner report "Five Cloud Computing Trends That Will Affect Your Cloud Strategy Through 2015." The report is available on Gartner's website at http://www.gartner.com/resId=1920517.



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