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Hands On Preview: Evolve – four take on the monster Featured

As a title, Evolve has had a harder time than Darwin at a Creationist convention, but somehow, through the demise of THQ and subsequent acquisition by 2K Games, developer Turtle Rock has crawled from the primordial soup and produced a layered multiplayer game of hunt, hunted and plain good fun.

By dint of being caught up in the fall of former publisher THQ, Evolve has remained under the radar, but this week we were lucky enough to experience the game with only  the strong surviving the steep learning curve.

Developer Turtle Rock knows the formula here, bringing all the experience gained on multiplayer games such as Condition Zero and Counter Strike Source, and of course co-op multiplayer under the Left 4 Dead moniker in 2008.

As an overview Evolve is a game of four versus one, 4 hunter classes (Griffin the Trapper, Markov the Assault dude, Val the Medic and Hank on Support) up against one bad-ass monster.  In this hands-on preview we were only exposed to the Goliath and his brutal skills.  The final game will ship with multiple monster options, varied Hunters within the mentioned classes and plenty of environments.

I faced my first game of Evolve as the Goliath.  Played in third person perspective, your monster role is pretty clear.  Hide from the hunters during the early part of the round, use your abilities to scale the terrain avoid flocks of birds (startling the wildlife will alert those tracking you), but also try to feed on the smaller denizens of this deathworld known as Shear.

Goliath stomps around the jungle area of Shear, he can “smell” the area looking for prey, however as a stage one monster only, it’s best not to directly take on the human hunters at this point.  Finding, killing the wildlife can be dangerous for the noise it makes, but feeding adds armour and progression to stage two monster life.

If I can manage to stealth my way to stage two, or pick up some power ups from eaten creatures, then I can take on those pesky hunters.  Killing a hunter however does not guarantee victory, upon first death, a hunter will return via the drop ship a few minutes later.  Second death sees them get a chance to return via resuscitation from a team mate.  Kill them a third time however and you are well on the way to victory.


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