William Atkins

William Atkins

William Atkins completed educational degrees in science (bachelor’s in physics and mathematics) from Illinois State University (Normal, United States) and business (master’s in entrepreneurship and bachelor’s in industrial relations) from Western Illinois University

According to several studies published in the journal Science, the Earth is in the early stage of its sixth mass extinction of life. And, guess what these scientists are saying is causing this mass extinction?
A recent study has researched just how many germs are transferred from person to person when they shake hands, fist bump, and high-five. None are very sanitary but one spreads fewer germs than the others.
Sunday, 27 July 2014 22:45

Google Lunar XPRIZE is underway

The XPRIZE Foundation is coordinating the Google Lunar XPRIZE. Can one or more of its participants send a robot safely to the Moon? We’ll know by December 31, 2015!
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