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Alex doing the Gangnam Style dance - you can too! Alex doing the Gangnam Style dance - you can too! Featured

This ultra cool free service by awesomely cool Internet video bigwigs, JibJab, lets you put anyone’s face on PSY’s body as he performs his global, near billion-views strong Gangnam Style mega hit, to send out to your friends as the 2012’s most ultimate e-card ever!

If you’ve ever wanted to dance as well as PSY in his chart topping smash hit, Gangnam Style, well now you can, thanks to the magic of software - you can even watch "me" do the dance at the end of this article in an embedded video!

All you need to do is visit JibJab’s site, which currently defaults to the “Holidays” page which also lets you put your face into a wonderful range of Holiday videos, and click on the ‘Gangnam Style’ link at the top of the page, what that direct link here.

At this page, you’re invited to make your own Gangnam Style dance video. First, you click on the big red “Free, make your own” button.

This then takes you to a page where you can upload a photo, or access your Facebook photos, the first part of three steps – 1. Cast It, 2. Add Message and 3. Send Card.

You are able to use the service without logging in, or you can become a member.

There are paid options available that let you “download” your video after creation, but you can easily send any of your friends a free link to freely watch the hilariously cool clip of “you” dancing Gangnam Style.

I chose to upload a picture. Once this is done, you see a screen that lets you zoom your face in properly, and rotate it if necessary so it looks perfect. You can also reposition the photo so the eyes match the “eyeline” that is displayed.

Once you’ve done that to your satisfaction, click Next.

Now you’ll see that you can "fine tune" the pre-made selection around your face. This selection is important, as it's what you'll see planted atop PSY's body in his famous dance video, so follow the example shown to have the "selection line" tightly hug your face, ears and a bit of your hair, and then click Next.

Now you need to set the "mouth" selection properly, so you get a nicely animated mouth as you, or the face of a friend or relative is singing. Again, follow the shown example exactly and you'll do it right. You can click on "Animate Mouth" to see if you got it right or not. Reposition to your satisfaction, and click "Next".

Now type in the name of the person's face, be it your name or someone else's, and if you want, select whether it's you, a friend, a celeb, other categories listed or "other". Then click Next.

Now you're back at Step 1 again, “Cast It”. Here you drag your newly saved face (even if you haven’t made an account, it all just works) onto PSY’s body, which will be positioned perfectly for you.

I chose to email it to myself, so I could get the direct JibJab link to more easily email to others.

You should see your face appear instead of PSY's. You can click the "Preview" button to see how it looks, so you can maybe start again if you're not happy, otherwise, at this point, click Done.

Once you do that, you're taken to the next page where you see the video playing, and are given the opportunity to write a message, like "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" or whatever you want to your friends.

Once the message is typed in, click the green Done button.

Once you do, you're taken to a page where you can post the video to Facebook, you can email it to anyone, or you can pay to download the video for $4.99, or less, I believe, if you take a monthly subscription (which likely gives you download access to a whole swathe of very cool JibJab videos).

The direct link to my Gangnam Style video is here. The video itself is embedded below. It requires Flash, so please watch it on a PC or Mac with your favourite Adobe Flash compatible OS to watch!

Enjoy making your own, and have fun!

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