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Stan Beer co-founded iTWire in 2005. With 30 plus years of experience working in IT and Australian technology media, Beer has published articles in most of the IT publications that have mattered, including the AFR, The Australian, SMH, The Age, as well as a multitude of trade publications.

Monday, 29 September 2014 09:25

Telstra iPhone 6? Just say goodbye!

Having spent half of Sunday comparing iPhone 6 offerings at the stores of the three Australian mobile carriers, I can safely say that within days I will once again no longer be a Telstra customer. To be perfectly blunt, Telstra’s iPhone 6 outrageous plans are an insult to the intelligence of Australian consumers.

After digesting the extravaganza of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch announcements this week, I wondered why I didn’t feel the same sense of awe as when I witnessed the original iPhone launch 7 years ago. After all, Tim Cook delivered on all the promises and even treated the audience to U2 instead of the unknown band that Steve Jobs introduced in 2007. So why was it all a big yawn this time?

Leading CAD software provider Autodesk has announced free access for secondary schools, vocational institutions and universities in Australia and New Zealand to the company’s professional 3D design software and creativity apps.

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