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Australia will get new data retention laws whether we like them or not. It’s all for our own good – the Government says so. The introduction of the bill containing the details has been announced by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Meanwhile, the so-called opposition Labor Party has indicated it will support the bill. Apparently what citizens want is nor relevant.


iOS 8 and 8.1’s overall crash rate is dropping while adoption of Apple’s latest OS is rising in what is a good sign for the captains of crunch. With Apple’s iOS 8 adoption being slower than that of iOS 7 in the same time frame according to Apple’s own stats, iOS 8.x has finally moved past the 50% spot to 52%, as of October 27, 2014.

Kantar’s latest smartphone sales data, over 3 months to Sept 2014, shows 73.9% share for Android in Europe, 15.4% for Apple and Windows Phone at 9.2%, with high demand for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in all Western markets.

A 13-country survey of senior business leaders shows high-performing companies are part of the DevOps revolution. Medium to large businesses in Australia have a high awareness of DevOps practices, and are gaining benefits from adopting the approach.

Civic East is the first part of Canberra's CBRfree Wi-Fi network to go permanently online with 250MB per user download per day, with another 11 business districts to be progressively wired up for free Wi-Fi by June 2015.

Trailing in the latest opinion polls, the Victorian Government has launched a new program designed to help the state’s small businesses build competitiveness through the use of information and communication technologies.


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