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Australia’s Attorney-General, George Brandis, seeks to impose metadata collection on the citizens of Australia, but doesn’t want his own metadata seen by Australians as it is ‘not relevant to democracy’, according to his chief of staff.


The European Union has told search engine giant Google it should extend its ‘right to be forgotten’ capabilities worldwide. The move that could have significant global ramifications and cost Google billions of dollars,

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security has started another inquiry into the Government’s planned data retention bill. As it stands, the data to be retained does not include a person's web-browsing history, or the content of a communication, email or social media post.

Certain domain names still attract big price tags, judging by a recent sale. Dot-com boom-and-bust survivor Domenic Carosa's dominet digital has paid almost $40,000 for the bitcoin.com.au domain name. What the company intends to do with its new expensive purchase, however, remains cloudy.

200 small online businesses are involved in an attempt to bring a US-style Cyber Monday online shopping event to Australia. iTWire's Graeme Philipson labelled this year's Click Frenzy "a click flop", so it will be interesting to see how the competing Cyber Monday promotion organised by Clicko Deals fares next Monday.

Telstra may have killed the CAPTCHA thanks to an ACCAN initiative pointing out the squiggly letters and numbers are discriminatory against the disabled, but a new Australian start-up aims to kill them by making them fun - and picture based.

There seems to be big money to be made from giving online music lessons. Australian company LearnToPlayMusic.com, has had great success with its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to get the service up and running. After just three days on Indiegogo, over $36,000 of a target $100,000 has already been raised.

The Cloud has been a disruptive technology for many businesses. The latest such example is a new Australian developed affordable asset management platform, Asset.Guru, designed to ‘automate the task of tracking and managing physical assets in firms with between 10 and 1000 employees.’ In a video we talk to the founder.

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