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While the Australian Government is floating new regulations that would force ISPs to block sites that enable Internet users to block sites that encourage piracy, BitTorrent site and notorious piracy advocate and facilitator The Pirate Bay has launched a mobile version of its site. The site keeps expanding, in the face of anti-piracy efforts.


Are there really five 4G smartphones that are cheaper than Kogan's Agora 4G? According to some commentators there are. While it’s rare for us to comment on such issues, we take an unbiased behind the scenes look at what is the real cost of the cheapest 4G smartphones in the Australian market.

Microsoft is renowned for raiding the offices of small businesses in Australia through its agent the BSA to make sure they comply with its software licensing regulations. In China, however, the software colossus may have got a dose of its own medicine. China's corporate regulator visited four of Microsoft's offices in the country on Monday, the company confirmed yesterday.

Vodafone says it aims to reach 95% of Australia’s metropolitan population with its 4G network by end of 2014. It called a press conference with two hours’ notice yesterday morning to announce plans to significantly boost its 4G network coverage.

A new piece of dangeorus ransomware has been uncovered and is potentially the 'next Cryptolocker', according to security researchers with Kaspersky. The encyprypting ransomware is called 'Onion' due to the fact it uses the anonymous network Tor (the Onion Router) in a bid to hide its malicious nature, and to make it hard to track those behind this ongoing malware campaign.

Online dating site OkCupid has laughed in the face of critics of Facebook's controversial experimentation methods, in a new blog posted titled 'We Experimented on Human Beings!'.

According to several studies published in the journal Science, the Earth is in the early stage of its sixth mass extinction of life. And, guess what these scientists are saying is causing this mass extinction?


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