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Apple’s main supplier Foxconn has long been a source of controversy and embarrassment to Apple. Now its Shanghai-based Pegatron is in the spotlight.


WhatsApp is an encrypted mobile messaging service. It was purchased by Facebook in February 2014 with the implication that its users' data would never be shared. It is still saying that despite its latest blog indicating otherwise.

Many countries and companies have been talking about driverless cars for a while, but tiny Singapore has stolen a march on the rest and announced that a driverless taxi has begun a public trial in a limited area of the city state.

iOS 9.3.5, released overnight, fixes three flaws exploited by government agencies to spy on individuals.

iiNet's broadband services in Victoria ground to a halt early this morning, following the breakdown of what the company describes as a "core network device".

Five remote schools in the Catholic Education Northern Territory (CENT) have migrated to a new Web-based software system from IT outsourcing services company Civica.

Australian digital health platform for practitioners and patients, HealthKit, has partnered with Coviu, a CSIRO Data61 startup, to integrate its browser-based telehealth platform to give video consultation capability to its 15,000 health practitioners.


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