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For our final daily edition for this week we bring you another load of hype from the Apple propaganda mill, starting with a slew of software updates.


Apple has released system software updates across practically all of its product range, starting with iOS8. Early feedback from users suggests the update process is fairly straightforward, although around 5 or 6GB of free space is apparently needed if you want to do an untethered update, and that can be a problem for those who carry a lot of media files or other types of data around.

American talk show host and journalist Charlie Rose sat down with Apple CEO Tim Cook for about two hours, but what exactly did we learn about the man who has the unenviable task of following the late great Steve Jobs, and his company that is about to embark upon its biggest product release to date?

More blingly-blingy is now available to go with your iPhone 6 ringy-ringy.  Goldgenie, a company that gold plates or otherwise embellishes phones and other items, is now taking orders for gold plated iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets, with or without Swarovski crystals set into the Apple logo on the rear shell. Price start upwards of $4,000.

Not only is Apple a great product pusher but this company wunderkind also claims to be a forex expert as well. When the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were announced, there was the usual round of carping in some quarters about the 'Australia Tax’. However, guess what? The Aussie dollar dropped soon after the announcement of iPhone 6 prices. Stupid us for complaining.

Airbus' team of aircraft designers aren't leaving all the Virtual Reality fun to Google and Oculus, designing a headrest for aircrafts that doubles as a virtual reality-type helmet to provide distraction-free all-encompassing music, movies and even smells to help flyers relax.

Australian-based startup CoinJar has announced CoinJar Swipe, the first EFTPOS card compatible with bitcoin. As part of the trial announced yesterday, bitcoin holders will be able to use their CoinJar Swipe card to withdraw from their bitcoin account, converted to Australian dollars, at any ATM or purchase items at any retail outlet.

Yahoo7 today announced its catchup service, PLUS7, would be available on Fetch TV from yesterday. The new content distribution agreement will give Fetch TV subscribers access to PLUS7's on demand premium content from Australia’s most-watched television network, including shows like The X Factor and Home & Away.


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