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Here’s Telstra’s T Health press event in full - VIDEO

Telstra has tentacles in many pies, but with its latest move into the eHealth arena, it shouldn’t have to worry about indigestion - here’s the launch video and media scrum for anyone interested in seeing how the event unfolded.

Telstra has launched into what I remember a few years ago being called the next trillion dollar business - the health and wellness industry.

The Company has done this by becoming, in one fell swoop, Australia’s largest provider of eHealth services, spending over $100 million dollars to get to the starting point of today, with aims to create a “brilliantly connected healthcare future for everyone”.

We wrote about the launch earlier this morning, which you can read here, but this article has two new videos embedded below - the launch event in full at approximately 45 minutes, and the media scrum afterwards at around 10 minutes with questions from the assembled media pack.

Telstra aims to connect “patients, healthcare workers, hospitals, pharmacies and health funds”, as well as government, and is doing this “to build a safer, more convenient way to manage our health – with patients at the centre.”

Telstra is offering applications for health care providers, so healthcare businesses can be managed “in a smarter, simpler way”.

It is offering “connected care”, so we can “connect and share confidential data quickly and safely.”

Telehealth is a natural part of the equation, as is “Intelligence” so doctors and patients have “the tools to discover better outcomes and deliver data-drive patient care”.

The information from Telstra on its health initiative is at its website, with the specific section linked here , although Health is now listed at the top of the Telstra.com.au site as one of the headline sections.

The Company says it is offering solutions for government and insurers, hospitals, GPs, community pharmacies and for aged and community care, and list “six challenges to support the Australian healthcare system”.

These are:

Consumer Control - Providing people with greater control of their health and wellness

Connectivity - Increasing access to healthcare regardless of location

Admissions - Reducing hospital and aged care admissions

Integration - Improving integration of health information

Pharmacy - Creating a safer, efficient and more convenient pharmacy system

Efficiency - Improving efficiency and productivity across the system

It all sounds very laudable, so let’s hope Telstra is successful in delivering better outcomes for all patients, rather than simply creating the next big data-driven “Big Brother”.

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