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Hewlett-Packard was in a wobbly financial state when Meg Whitman took over as CEO 20 months ago but now the company is financially stable and ready to deliver a ‘new style of IT’ the former eBay boss told a packed audience in Beijing today.

Speaking at the Asia Pacific and Japan leg of the HP World Forum, Ms Whitman told an audience of Chinese business partners and journalists from the APJ region that HP has developed a strategy based upon a new inflexion point in IT.

“Every 10 or 15 years there is a new shift in IT and the next major inflexion point has arrived, driven by cloud, security, big data and mobility,” said Ms Whitman.

“We call this shift the new style of IT and it spans infrastructure, software and services.”

Ms Whitman said there has been an explosion of data that has created challenges in managing, processing and exploring.

“We are on a path that is not sustainable in terms of energy and cost,” she said.

“The data centres needed will cost between $10 billion and $20 billion to build.”

According to Ms Whitman, HP has differentiated itself from competitors by being able to service all aspects of the latest IT revolution.

“HP’s strategy is to provide solutions for the new style of IT. We’re the only company with the depth and breadth to address all the areas.”

Ms Whitman went on to talk about product groups, such as HP Moonshot servers, which house the hp.com website, the 3PAR storage arrays, the company’s new range of printing products and its cloud systems.

The HP CEO also stressed the importance of China in the company’s strategy.

“This is my third trip to China. We’re in China for the world,” she said.

Following Ms Whitman’s address, HP COO Bill Veghte took the stage to outline further details about the company’s product strategy.

“The new style of IT starts with mobility. Mobility is enabled by the cloud which enables new ways to collaborate through social media and networks, which in turn enables big data,” Veghte said.

“All of this together is enabling the new style of IT which creates pressure to manage risk and go faster. HP has the broadest capability in the marketplace. This includes personal systems, printers, servers, storage and software.”


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