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Web content management specialist CoreMedia is trying to bolster its local presence following a deal with the ABC.

CoreMedia's eponymous web content management software is designed to deliver personalised content across multiple channels.

The goal is "conversation around content," vice president marketing Rene Hermes told iTWire. With the increasing use of mobile devices and the tendency for people to spend much of their online time on social networking sites, traditional approaches are becoming less viable.

Like other content management systems, CoreMedia separates the management and delivery of content. The flexibility of the management side is shown by the range of customers, which spans media and entertainment organisations such as the ABC (where most of the work is done by professional editors) as well as telcos and other 'big brand' companies where content editing is performed as a sideline to a primary job function.

CoreMedia emphasises the "adaptive delivery" of content, with an emphasis on the individual. People expect travel agents (for example) to use what they know about a customer when presenting data, but most web sites do not attempt anything similar.

CoreMedia's system tracks a user's on-site behaviour to determine likely areas of interest, and also supports profiles expressly created by users.

What's happening in Australia? Please read on.

Hermes told iTWire that people know companies store information about their use of web sites, but they are also aware that they usually get nothing in return (ie, personalisation).

Another aspect of adaptive delivery is presenting the same information in appropriate ways whether the visitor is using a conventional web browser or a mobile device such as an iPhone. Furthermore, the same personalisation information should be used by the system regardless of the channel used for a particular session.

Media companies using CoreMedia include Singapore-based RazorTV, German broadcaster ZDF and, as mentioned above, the ABC. The ABC's revamped and CoreMedia-powered site isn't scheduled to go live until September 2010.

CoreMedia already has a team of local consultants working on the ABC project, and the company is looking for additional partners and customers within Australia. There is no imminent prospect of a local office, instead Australia will continue to be served from the regional HQ in Singapore.



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