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iiNet says fixed line costs should decrease, not increase

21 December 2014 in Telecoms & NBN

iiNet is calling for a significant reduction in access charges by almost 17% over the next three years, rejecting any…

Android 5.1 in February?

21 December 2014 in Mobility

And it will still be called Lollipop.

Report: Global mobile phone networks and users easily hacked

20 December 2014 in Telecoms & NBN

A hacker conference in Hamburg this month will see a presentation demonstrating how the world’s mobile phone networks, whether they…

Steve Wozniak set to become an Aussie Woztralian

20 December 2014 in Fuzzy Logic

Steve Wozniak has become a permanent resident of Australia, set to buy a house in Sydney and wanting to move…

Mobile phone features in 2015

20 December 2014 in Mobility

Premium mobile phone features for 2015 are largely determined by what ARM chipmaker Qualcomm can build into the next generation…

Telstra’s tendrils travel through NBN Co: planning & design contract

19 December 2014 in Telecoms & NBN

Telstra’s new contract with NBN Co is to ‘provide planning and design services to support the NBN rollout’.

FASTER: Amaysim getting 4G ‘around Easter’ 2015

19 December 2014 in Telecoms & NBN

Amaysim, which shook up the Australian prepaid voice and data mobile market, will finally deliver 4G in early 2015 with…

Mobile market 'set for fight' in 2015

19 December 2014 in Market

US market research group Current Analysis has outlined what it believes to be the key consumer services topic areas that…

ACCAN welcomes accessibility inclusion

19 December 2014 in Government Tech Policy

Consumer group ACCAN has congratulated the Government on its inclusion of ‘accessibility’ in the current Request for Tender for ICT…

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FileMaker's rapid development of safety inspection tool

19 December 2014 in Development

Apple subsidiary FileMaker software has helped conduct independent workplace-safety inspections for nearly 1,000 garment factories in Bangladesh in just six…

Foresight initiates startups IP ‘value’ program

19 December 2014 in Strategy

Silicon-Valley based intellectual property (IP) strategy and startup advisory firm, Foresight Valuation Group, has announced a Startup-IP Program (STR-IP), which…

Fujitsu, Horizon Power collaborate in indigenous ICT traineeship program

19 December 2014 in Training

Ashlyn Hassett, from the Kimberley indigenous community of Kalumburu and a Year 11 student at the Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC)…

VIDEO: Looney Tunes Dash - the next hit smash from Zynga?

19 December 2014 in Entertainment

A brand new mobile runner game from Zynga has emerged with Warner Bros famous Looney Tunes characters, making you the…

YUM: 10,000 free ice cream giveaway via smartphone at MCG

18 December 2014 in Entertainment

A giveaway of 10,000 ice creams at the MCG is on offer from 20 December 2014 thanks to Acquire Learning,…

Intel shakes up McAfee management in Australia

18 December 2014 in People Moves

Intel Security has announced three new executives within its McAfee Australia and New Zealand operations as Intel continues its investment…

'Telstraman' Thodey honoured by iTWire

18 December 2014 in Telecoms & NBN

“Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No – it’s Telstraman!”

Review: Navman MiVue Digital Drive Recorder

17 December 2014 in Mobile devices

Navman has released a range of crash sensitive GPS enabled drive recorders.  The aim is to provide clarity and evidence…

VIDEO: SAP goes Extreme Sailing in Sydney

17 December 2014 in Business Technology

SAP enhanced the 2014 Extreme Sailing Experience in Sydney earlier this week, with iTWire heading along to interview Rasmus Kostner,…

Facebook's MySQL password revealed

17 December 2014 in Security

Want to know the username and password for Facebook's MySQL database holding all your personal information?

VIDEO: Interview with Perceptive Software’s Greg Huebner

17 December 2014 in Enterprise Solutions

iTWire talks to Perceptive Software’s Manager of Professional Services, APAC, Greg Huebner, about the company, the challenges its customers face,…

VIDEO: Interview with Mulesoft in Australia + 3 predictions

17 December 2014 in Enterprise Solutions

iTWire talks to Mulesoft's VP Asia Pacific, Will Bosma, about the connected world, the API economy, Mulesoft's name and history,…

VIDEO: Interview with WatchGuard in Australia + fascinating predictions

17 December 2014 in Security

We spoke to WatchGuard’s A/NZ Country Manager David Higgins about the Australia network security landscape, about the security predictions to…

Melbourne trains' exploding capacitors

17 December 2014 in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

Do we have a return of the PC exploding capacitor problem?

VIDEO: Autonomous vehicles are in Australia right now, but what of the future?

17 December 2014 in Business Technology

iTWire talks to David Maunsell, Accenture Digital’s Australia/NZ MD and Digital Lead about autonomous vehicles in Australia and the world,…

VIDEO: Interview with Newzulu on crowd sourced video and photo news

17 December 2014 in Mobility

When videos go viral, the creator often doesn’t get a penny, but if you submit your photos and videos to…

NASA wants You to name Mercury craters for a famous artist

17 December 2014 in Space

The MESSENGER probe is nearing the end of its mission around Mercury Mars, but before it does end NASA wants the…