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Kaspersky releases Australian malware threat numbers

18 April 2014 in Security

Malware and antivirus protector, Kaspersky has released specific breakout figures for Australia in its latest IT threat evolution Q1 report.

Google launches its modular phone Project Ara

17 April 2014 in Mobility

Google’s next phone might be the last one you ever need - Project Ara involves highly customisable, build-your-own handsets where you…

Beware of new Android malware, warns ESET

17 April 2014 in Your IT

Security vendor ESET has warned Android users of a new Android Trojan spreading via Facebook pages.

BYOx drives network security rethink

17 April 2014 in Security

Organisations have not been listening carefully to security messages, according to F5 Networks APAC director of product and business intelligence…

How MYOB plans to improve the user experience

17 April 2014 in Strategy

MYOB puts a lot of effort into providing users with a good experience. Here's how it goes about the task…

Can developers work effectively in open plan offices?

17 April 2014 in Enterprise

For the first quarter-century of Microsoft's existence, Bill Gates famously championed the idea of giving developers private offices. The idea…

L'Oréal selects Sitecore for ‘digital beauty’ experience

17 April 2014 in Deals

The L'Oréal group of companies has selected Sitecore’s experience management software for facilitating enhanced customer services.

Wave your arm in the air, pay and go!

17 April 2014 in Technology

In what is claimed as a wearable tech first, Australian tailor and menswear company M.J. Bale has teamed up with…

JCurve Solutions goes Full Circle with capital raising, acquisition

17 April 2014 in Deals

Australian-listed IT services company JCurve Solutions has raised around $2.5 million in a share placement, with the funds to be…

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Nike to Fuel Apple iWatch?

20 April 2014 in Mobility

Nike is about shoes – making and selling millions of pairs. Little wonder that its underperforming FuelBand fitness tracker is…

Nikon wins Reds Dot awards for three products

19 April 2014 in Home IT

The prestigious Red Dot awards are hotly contested – this year 4815 products from 1816 companies in 53 countries were…

HP Innovations launch – some stylish business kit

19 April 2014 in Technology

HP has always been a leader in the business/enterprise field with a range of workstations, notebooks, servers, and infrastructure. Now…

What will your customer be like next year?

19 April 2014 in ShawThing

Blogger Reuven Gorsht has published a remarkably accurate infographic that details what customers will look like in 2015.

My Blackberry is not working – it ran out of juice!

19 April 2014 in Mobility

If you have ever had a frozen, unresponsive Blackberry or wanted to know how to boot an apple read on.…

First Earth-friendly exoplanet discovered: Kepler-186f

18 April 2014 in Space

The first exoplanet the size of Earth and located in an orbit about its parent star that could support the…

New Kindle ebook reader only for Samsung Galaxy

18 April 2014 in Mobility

Yet another indication that Samsung is moving away from Google’s Android and its money making app store, Samsung will have…

What happened to cloudbursting?

17 April 2014 in Cloud

Cloudbursting - the practice of running baseline workloads in house but pushing peak loads onto a cloud provider's infrastructure -…

PS3 Minecraft goes to the disco

17 April 2014 in Entertainment

1.5 million Minecrafters have downloaded the game on the PlayStation 3.  Now offline PS3 owners get a chance to plumb…

LG trims $2K off OLED TV

17 April 2014 in Entertainment

If you have coveted a 55” curved OLED TV but baulked at the price LG has cut A$2000 off bringing…

Samsung cleans up glass

17 April 2014 in Mobility

Samsung’s product strategy VP Yoon Han-kil said recently “We’re trying out a lot of new things like wearables, convergence with…

Samsung tizen of Android?

17 April 2014 in Mobility

Samsung must be getting tired of being Apple’s punching bag and taking the blows for Google’s Android alleged patent infringements.…

NASA’s historic Launch Pad 39A goes to SpaceX

16 April 2014 in Space

The U.S. space agency NASA has agreed to a 20-year contract with SpaceX, which allows the private American spaceflight company…

Beating Apple was a survival strategy – Samsung

16 April 2014 in ShawThing

It was not that Samsung just wanted to emulate Apple’s success – in the iPhone and iPad arena – it…

Rex Software makes its mark in real estate

16 April 2014 in Market

Brisbane-based software and IT services company Rex Software is claiming significant growth and client acquisition over the past year and…

DDLS, Ouellette form alliance for Australian market

16 April 2014 in Training

Technical IT training group Dimension Data Learning Solutions (DDLS) has teamed up with US consulting firm Ouellette & Associates in…

Panasonic GH4 camera also has 4K video recording

16 April 2014 in ShawThing

Panasonic cameras a.k.a. Lumix, has released the latest in its G series camera – a Micro Four Thirds, DSLM (digital…