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Nokia says NO to new 2016 Android smartphones

27 April 2015 in Mobility

Rumours were rife last week that Nokia would say yes to making Nokia-branded Android smartphones from late 2016 but it…

Westpac puts Tap and Pay on Galaxy S6

27 April 2015 in Mobility

The Tap and Pay capability of the Westpac Mobile Banking app will extend to Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6…

eWAY takes it up to NZ competitors

27 April 2015 in Strategy

Australian-based Asia Pacific eCommerce payments provider eWAY has moved to expand its New Zealand business, launching what it says is…

M2 trumps TPG bid for iiNet with $1.85 billion scrip plus cash offer

27 April 2015 in Telecoms & NBN

Fast growing ASX listed telco M2 Group (ASX:MTU) has thrown a spanner in the works of TPG’s $1.5 billion cash…

New Debian release Jessie has systemd as default

27 April 2015 in Open Source

The Debian GNU/Linux project has released version 8.0 of its distribution, known as Jessie.

Internet Society continues pressure on government over Internet policy

26 April 2015 in Government Tech Policy

There’s been a call for greater scrutiny and public debate, and a stop to government ad hoc decision-making on Internet…

AT&T’s switch to ‘extraordinarily costly’ FTTP - OZ NBN implications?

26 April 2015 in Telecoms & NBN

US mega-telco AT&T has decided to deploy FTTP to 2 million US homes over 4 years despite the ‘extraordinary cost’…

Big changes ahead for ‘super-connected’ next generation, says NBN

26 April 2015 in Telecoms & NBN

Technology and the all-consuming Internet is having a massive influence on the lifestyle of all Australians and, if a new…

Samsung’s superb S6 Edge – week two - WOW

25 April 2015 in Mobility

I gave the S6 Edge a rating of ‘nearly 10 out of 10’ – a dangerous thing to do as…

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MEX provides iOS app for maintenance requests

27 April 2015 in Business Software

Maintenance software vendor MEX has introduced an iOS app to allow employees to request maintenance tasks.

WatchGuard keeps watch, guards against excessive non-work internet use

27 April 2015 in Security

Version 11.10 of the Fireware OS for WatchGuard next-generation firewalls and unified threat monitoring appliances provides a mechanism for enforcing…

Do Not Call Register now permanent

27 April 2015 in Strategy

More than 10 million telephone numbers listed on the Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) Do Not Call Register are…

Anittel secures 2-year contract with CareSuper

27 April 2015 in Deals

National end-to-end IT services and cloud provider, Anittel, has secured a managed services contract with one of Australia’s largest industry…

TripIt joins the flight to Apple Watch

27 April 2015 in Mobility

An update to the TripIt travel organiser app for iOS puts key information on your wrist.

Drivers with Apple Watch: next police target?

27 April 2015 in Mobility

Users of smartwatches from Apple, Google, Microsoft and others while driving a car might find themselves the subject of police…

Google Fi: how might it fare in Australia?

26 April 2015 in Telecoms & NBN

Australia already has a strong MVNO market, dominated by Amaysim with challengers like Boost nipping at its heels, but is…

Aussie, global business leaders not ready for ‘digital future’

26 April 2015 in Strategy

Australian business leaders like their global counterparts believe new technologies have forever-changed the rules of business, democratising information and ‘rewiring’…

Lenovo widens ThinkPad battery recall

24 April 2015 in Hardware

Lenovo has widened a recall of batteries sold with or for a wide range of ThinkPad notebooks.

HP, Fujitsu, Optus the Top 3 most attractive ICT companies in OZ

24 April 2015 in Enterprise Staff

HP is the ‘most attractive employer’ in Australia according to the 2015 Randstad Awards, with ICT in the list of…

Yatango raises $1 million, gets new operational latitude

24 April 2015 in Listed Tech

Yatango’s reverse takeover of Latitude has already started bearing fruit, with a convertible note issue ‘materially’ oversubscribed, raising $1 million.

Wrist action: banking by Apple Watch with Westpac and St George

24 April 2015 in Home IT

Today, some Apple Watch buyers will start receiving their orders, so it’s no surprise to see banking apps (and plenty…

FileMaker Go really gets going with over 1.5 million downloads

24 April 2015 in Business Software

Apple-owned database company FileMaker has announced over 1.5 million downloads of the FileMaker Go app for iPhone and iPad, underscoring…

What’s the status of your IBM software licences - Compliant, risk exposed?

23 April 2015 in Business Software

An audit can often be the first time a business will find out that its software licences may not be…

Video: Total War: Warhammer announced

23 April 2015 in Entertainment

Finally, the confluence of the quintessential video-game version of warfare and the most popular table-top version of warfare come together…

LogMeIn releases new generation IoT solution

23 April 2015 in Business Technology

Cloud services provider LogMeIn has unveiled the next generation of its Xively Internet of Things (IoT) solution which it says…

UPDATED: Telechoice customer records found in bushland shipping container

23 April 2015 in Fuzzy Logic

A TV report promises details of Telechoice customer records and more found in a shipping container in the middle of…