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Lenovo moves in on BlackBerry

21 October 2014 in Deals

It’s on. This time it’s more than rumour. Rampant Chinese hardware company Lenovo is in acquisition talks with BlackBerry.

Here comes the Microsoft smart watch

21 October 2014 in Mobility

Microsoft will announce its own smart watch in time for the holiday season, according to reliable reports. It will rely…

BBC fights back with ‘right to be remembered’

20 October 2014 in Technology Regulation

The UK’s BBC says it will publish an online list of its articles that Google removes under the EU’s controversial…

First FTTN locations named

20 October 2014 in Telecoms & NBN

NBN Co has revealed details of the first 140 towns and suburbs set to receive fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) technology. The multi technology…

Amazon Fire phone flunks

20 October 2014 in Mobility

A report on buyer shopping patterns for Amazon in the US shows that the company has sold hardly any of…

Google to test millimetre wave transmissions

20 October 2014 in Networking

Google has filed applications with the US Federal Communications Commission to conduct wireless tests in the 'millimetre' wave bands.

Telstra invests in mobile advertising company

20 October 2014 in Market

Telstra Ventures has become a major investor in AdNear, a Singapore based company that targets phone users based on their…

iPad Air 2 - does it bend and blend?

17 October 2014 in Fuzzy Logic

Apple has finally announced its new lighter-than-ever iPad Air 2, a new iPad Mini 3, its new OS X Yosemite…

Feature-creep will ensure that systemd stays

17 October 2014 in Open Sauce

A few days back, the Debian project leader Lucas Nussbaum averred that the new init system, systemd, that has been…

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Pushback against systemd in Debian gathers steam

21 October 2014 in Open Source

A general resolution on not allowing Debian packages to depend on a single init system has been revived by developer…

Presto’s scary Halloween stream horrors

21 October 2014 in Entertainment

Foxtel’s latest attempt to scare up a few new Presto customers comes courtesy of the Halloween tradition, with the promise…

Finding a business card in a Haystack

21 October 2014 in Business Technology

An Australian startup thinks it has figured out how to do electronic business cards properly.

Noteshelf joins Livescribe camp

21 October 2014 in Mobility

Smartpen users get a new software option.

PC market recovering – sort of

21 October 2014 in Market

Asia Pacific PC shipments are up on the quarter but down on the year. So the news is good or…

Drones get up-close and personal with whales

20 October 2014 in Biology

Canadian researchers have used cameras onboard drones to capture images and video of killer whales off of British Columbia. Killer…

Yuile crosses from AAPT to Nextgen

20 October 2014 in People Moves

Fibre optics networks vendor Nextgen Networks has appointed former AAPT CEO David Yuile as Managing Director.

Changing of the baton at the ACS

20 October 2014 in People Moves

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is looking for a new CEO following the resignation today of Alan Patterson after three…

ANU physicists build reversible laser tractor

20 October 2014 in Energy

Physicists at the Australian National University (ANU) have built a tractor beam that can repel and attract objects over a…

Cloud DC puts Atmail in the OfficeBox

20 October 2014 in Cloud

Hosted desktop provider Cloud DC has added Atmail's messaging and collaboration software to its OfficeBox product.

Zuora looks to Lane for more growth

20 October 2014 in People Moves

Subscription commerce provider Zuora has appointed Lane Russell as senior customer success manager for Asia Pacific.

Making sense of data with Qlik Sense

20 October 2014 in Data

Qlik Sense provides flexible and easy to use analytics and visualisation in conjunction with "a well governed data set" .

Yatango claims ‘best value’ 4G

20 October 2014 in Mobility

Incumbent telcos have been over-charging consumers for too long, says upstart Yatango.

HP Pavilion x2 tablet – review

19 October 2014 in Computers

HP has released the Pavilion x2 – a 10.1”, Intel Atom based tablet complete with a detachable keyboard cover at…

WD Portable Wi-Fi external hard disk

18 October 2014 in Peripherals

Hard disk maker WD has added a Wi-Fi version to its popular My Passport series of external hard disk storage…

3D simulations to hit the factory floor with CSIRO development

17 October 2014 in Development

The manufacturing industry may be going through a tough time but manufacturers will soon be able to create faster and…

HP's Helion Continuity Services adds Linux cluster support and more

17 October 2014 in Cloud

HP has increased the flexibility of its Helion disaster recovery as a service.