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Adobe backpedals on Click Frenzy claims

22 November 2014 in Strategy

Adobe’s prediction that the Click Frenzy online shopping promotion would generate $189 million in sales has been ‘corrected’.

Yummba puts online banking credentials (and your money) at risk

21 November 2014 in Security

A major cloud company has warned of a new set of tools being used to commit bank fraud.

Alert! Safari Trojan

21 November 2014 in Security

A friend has had an annoying Safari browser based issue where clicking a link opens a separate ad tab.  This…

IT workers optimistic about salaries, bonuses

21 November 2014 in Enterprise Staff

A recruitment firm says IT professionals are optimistic about salary increases in 2015.

ACMA boosts the fight against malware with new portal

21 November 2014 in Security

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is launching a new initiative to further enhance its efforts, with industry and…

Choice: Aussies buying digital content overseas in huge numbers

21 November 2014 in Entertainment

Consumer advocates choice say its research shows 684,000 households are buying digital content from overseas stores, with Choice wanting Australians to…

SUSE expects storage solution to take industry by storm

21 November 2014 in Open Source

The digital storage industry is likely to face a major upheaval from next year onwards if the predictions of SUSE…

Website hosted in Russia shows global unsecured security cam feeds

21 November 2014 in Home IT

Watching webcams and unsecured security cameras on the Internet is nothing new, but a new site, now reportedly hosted in…

Click Frenzy still a click flop

21 November 2014 in C Level

Click Frenzy said this year’s version of the annual online shopping promotion would generate $200 million in sales. It came in…

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WhatsApp co-founder donates US$1m to FreeBSD Foundation

22 November 2014 in Open Source

The FreeBSD Foundation has received the largest donation in its history, a sum of US$1 million from Jan Koum, the…

Google’s ‘Contribution’ to new ways to fund web publishing

21 November 2014 in Fuzzy Logic

With Google being the world’s biggest ad engine fuelled by the world’s biggest search engine, you wouldn’t think Google would…

VIDEO: AdvanceRetail’s CEO Mark McGeachen talks retail innovation

21 November 2014 in Business Technology

One of AdvanceRetail’s customers is Pandora - the top-end jewellery company, not the music streaming service - and I spoke…

VIDEO: Brand ‘New Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL’ launch with new Pokémons

21 November 2014 in Entertainment

It’s not just Apple that can get thousands of people to queue for new products, with Nintendo’s launch of two…

Does Barbie know Linux?

21 November 2014 in The Linux Distillery

According to Mattel no; because she is a girl she still needs the boys to help with those things called…

UPDATED: Appalling WA Govt WASTE in copying iKoast’s shark sighting app

21 November 2014 in Fuzzy Logic

The WA Dept of Fisheries has shamelessly copied a real-time shark sighting app from iKoast, spending $370,000 dollars to duplicate…

SAS selected to enhance data analysis, risk management

21 November 2014 in Business Intelligence

SAS has secured a contract in Ireland to provide its data management and reporting technology to assist financial services and…

How to keep data safe in the cloud

21 November 2014 in Open Source

Talk about cloud computing is ubiquitous these days. But try to engage a provider in talking about the NSA and…

World of Warships fires up

21 November 2014 in Radioactive IT

We saw the real thing recently as Russian warships steamed towards Australia to protect president Putin from the horrific peril…

Pure Storage pushes 'perpetual storage'

21 November 2014 in Storage

Pure Storage has extended its maintenance and service contracts so that its FlashArrays can be kept in service indefinitely at…

Chasing the Z/Linux market: A SUSECon attendee's tale

20 November 2014 in Open Source

When Roger Williams wanted to increase the market for ShadowDisk/Z, a product made by the little Gainesville-based company he works…

A lesser-known star of openSUSE

20 November 2014 in Open Source

In any technology company, there are the stars, some unheralded, some bigger than life. And there are many others, less…

SA tech industry association elects new president

20 November 2014 in People Moves

South Australia's technology industry body, the Technology Industry Association (TIA), has appointed chief executive officer of Adept, Nigel Hall, as…

Game of Thrones: most illegally AND legally downloaded show

20 November 2014 in Entertainment

Foxtel says its new Boxsets service has been a smashing success since launching, with over 94,000 episodes of Game of…

base2services picks up after Cloudbees drops PaaS offering

20 November 2014 in Cloud

Melbourne-based cloud services provider base2services is picking up from vendor Cloudbees’ discontinuation at the end of December of its PaaS…

Sony's SmartWear wearables hit the shops

20 November 2014 in Mobility

The Sony SmartBand Talk is now on sale in Australia, with the SmartWatch 3 close behind.

Beware of analysts bearing gifts

20 November 2014 in Open Source

COMMENT: Nearly two years ago, a self-styled analyst named Matt Asay wrote a piece headlined "Does SUSE Linux have a…