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Can FreeviewPlus make TV cool again?

02 September 2014 in Entertainment

Described as one of the "most important advances in free-to-air television in this country since digital TV", today marks the…

Lack of transparency in Transparency Report

02 September 2014 in Technology Regulation

Amidst controversy over data retention, Telstra has published its latest transparency report on the number of requests it has received…

Plus7 content comes to Xbox One

01 September 2014 in Entertainment

Xbox One users are set to have some kitchen action delivered to their living room, with Yahoo7 and Microsoft announcing…

ISPs willing to walk the plank with Abbott, Brandis

01 September 2014 in Government Tech Policy

Australia's ISPs are willing to support the Government's move to tighten piracy laws, but they have urged caution.

Quickflix quickly bleeding cash

01 September 2014 in Entertainment

Local Netflix competitor Quickflix is hemorrhaging money in a bid to acquire both new customers and content, losing $10.15 million for…

EFTPOS goes online with consumer trials

01 September 2014 in Business Technology

An Australian rival to PayPal is much closer, with a major trial of cardless online payments from Coles and two…

Tesla moves to rev up China

01 September 2014 in Deals

Tesla Motors has signed a massive deal with state-owned Chinese phone carrier China Unicom in a plan that will see…

Art of conversation 'dying'

01 September 2014 in Mobility

Almost three in five Aussies say they call their family and friends less frequently since the rise of social media,…

Move over Google Maps – HERE now on Samsung

31 August 2014 in Mobility

Nokia has signed a deal to provide its HERE maps to Samsung. The initial deal is for devices running the…

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Experimental drug alirocumab reduces heart attacks by half

01 September 2014 in Health

An experimental drug called alirocumab has been found to lower cholesterol levels in patients by nearly 50%.  

NASA's Space Launch System approved for development

01 September 2014 in Space

The Space Launch System (SLS) -- the heavy-lift, rocket under development to take humans beyond Earth orbit and to Mars…

Icelandic volcano - an update

01 September 2014 in Climate

The volcano Bardarbunga briefly erupted yesterday, temporarily raising the aviation warning state to Red.

Review: Bruce Schneier's "Carry on"

01 September 2014 in Entertainment

Schneier's second anthology brings his many pearls of wisdom into a single volume.

Windows takes shine off Chrome

30 August 2014 in Home IT

Microsoft has dealt a potential deathblow to Google’s Chrome offering its Windows 8.1 x86/64 free on Chrome style notebooks and…

Windows Phone 8.1 - more pervasive and persuasive

30 August 2014 in Mobility

It is one of the lowest cost, fully featured smartphones available in Australia – at A$149 Microsoft’s Lumia 530 is…

The Surface Pro 3 is right for work - not bad for play either

30 August 2014 in Computers

The Surface Pro 3 hit Australian retailers’ shelves on Thursday 28 August, 2014. While not ‘walking out the door’ initial…

Apple iPhone 5 battery recall – some not lasting the distance

30 August 2014 in Mobility

A number of iPhone 5 sold between its launch in September 2012 and January 2013 are failing to charge properly…

HP recalls faulty power cords – fire hazard

30 August 2014 in Home IT

The recall affects AC power cords used with AC adapters shipped with HP and Compaq notebook and mini notebook computers,…

Google's self-driving cars: What it still can't do

29 August 2014 in Automotive

Google is still testing its robotic (self-driving) car, however there are many problems still to be worked out before it…

Kodak Alaris is turning its focus to Australia

29 August 2014 in Strategy

After concentrating on the US and western European markets, imaging vendor Kodak Alaris is looking to expand its Australian presence.

Film companies want US-style system to penalise downloaders

29 August 2014 in Open Sauce

The copyright industry's response to the government's proposal to curb the unauthorised downloading of online content remains the same as…

Malloy Hoverbike: It's not your old-fashion bicycle (or helicopter)

28 August 2014 in Automotive

Malloy Aeronautics has developed a drone that is a combination of a helicopter and a bicycle. They call it a…

CA ANZ living up to Hope's hopes

28 August 2014 in Listed Tech

The recently appointed managing director of CA Technologies' ANZ operation is finding her job "very rewarding" and speaks warmly of…

iiNet's Lync service uses Parallels Automation

28 August 2014 in Cloud

iiNet's new hosted Lync service relies on Parallels Automation for provisioning.

It's a dog day afternoon for GoPro

28 August 2014 in Mobility

Cat photos have long been the Internet's best friend but it's time for dogs to finally have their time in…

Victoria University eyes big data with new learning platform

28 August 2014 in Data

Melbourne's Victoria University has switched on its new learning management platform, Brightspace, to 40,000 students across both TAFE and higher…