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Oracle's new ZS3 storage system has set world records for two performance benchmarks.

The Oracle ZS3 system has achieved world record performance for the SPECsfs2008_NFS and SPC-2 benchmarks.

Oracle's ZS3 comes in two versions, the ZS3-2 which starts at 6TB of raw storage and the ZS3-4 which is expandable to 3.5PB.

The ZS3-4 has set a new record for dual-node NAS system throughput at 450,702 SPECsfs2008_nfs.v3 operations per second, more than twice the score of NetApp's best-performing dual-node FAS6240. Company officials also claimed it is also 40% less expensive than the FAS6240, making the ZS3-4 "3.9x better value".

It also set a new record of 0.70 ms for SPECsfs2008_nfs.v3 overall response time.

Similarly, the ZS3-2 delivers twice the performance of the NetApp FAS3250 (210,535 vs 100,922 100,922 SPECsfs2008_nfs.v3 operations per second) at 70% less cost.

The SPC-2 benchmark tests large block sequential I/O, focussing mainly on read performance to reflect the needs of financial processing, large database queries, and video streaming, explained Oracle senior director product management - storage Jason Schaffer.

On this benchmark, the ZS3-4 set a new record of 17,244.22 SPC-2 MBPS, outperforming IBM and HP's best systems on this measure at significantly lower cost, Oracle officials claimed.

"It beats everything in its class," Schaffer told iTWire, explaining that some of the performance comes from the use of a DRAM cache that is large enough (512GB on the ZS3-2 and 2TB on the ZS3-4) to service between 70 and 90% or read operations from DRAM rather than permanent storage.

He also said the ZS3 is part of Oracle's Application Engineered Storage family, and as such can save organisations thousands of person-hours in ongoing database tuning.

When used in conjunction with Oracle Database, it can also apply varying levels of data compression to balance the need for performance and capacity at different stages of the data lifecycle.

"Oracle's ability to deliver Application Engineered Storage is a major differentiator which enables customers to maximise performance, efficiency and productivity at significantly lower cost than the competition," said Oracle vice president of software development, Scott Tracy.

"Oracle's new ZS3 storage appliances demonstrate the raw power and value that hardware and software engineered systems can provide."


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