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HP's new Moonshot server is 'transformational' according to a company executive.

HP has begun shipping its Moonshot 1500 low-energy server enclosure and associated Atom S1200 based ProLiant Moonshot servers in the US and Canada. Deliveries to Asian, Eurpoean and Latin American customers will start next month.

"Testing results show that with Moonshot servers we can expect to run hp.com [which attracts around three million visits per day] with the energy equivalency of a dozen 60-watt light bulbs, which is a game changer," said HP Networking South Pacific general manager for industry standard servers and software Raymond Maisano.

"We are excited by these results and plan to deploy Moonshot for additional applications to lead the next wave of transformation in the data centre."

The base Moonshot server comes with 45 Atom S1200 servers and an integrated switch for US$61,875.

Up to 1800 servers can be installed in one rack.

According to HP officials, a Moonshot server uses 89% less energy, occupies 80% less space, is 97% less complex and comes at 77% less cost than traditional servers.

Other ProLiant Moonshot servers based on processors from companies including ARM, AppliedMicro, Calxeda, Intel and Texas Instruments will appear beginning in the second half of this year.

They will be designed for a variety of workloads, including web, cloud and massive scale environments, analytics and telecommunications.

Looking further ahead, HP plans to introduce servers suited to big data, high-performance computing, gaming, financial services, genomics, facial recognition, video analysis and other applications.

Project Moonshot is HP's ongoing effort to develop energy-efficient computing systems.


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