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CAD vendor Autodesk has announced that it will support local clean technology companies with massively discounted software. The company is also the principal sponsor of the Australian Clean Technology Competition.

Australian and New Zealand SMEs that are developing clean technologies can join Autodesk's clean tech partner program and receive $US150,000 worth of the company's design software for $US50.

Jake Layes, Autodesk's head of sustainability and clean tech for Asia Pacific, told iTWire "Sustainability is at the core of our customers' needs" across various industries, and that the company can provide solutions to help create a better world.

Funding constraints early in a business's life can prevent access to advanced software that can be used to design and simulate such products, reducing the need for physical prototypes as well as the time needed for development.

One of the more famous examples of clean tech developed with the assistance of Autodesk's technology is electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors.

A local example is Canberra-based Nexus eWater, which has developed the Nexus reHeater, which uses a heat pump to transfer heat from grey water back to the hot water service, cutting water heating costs by up to 75%. The system is about half the cost of a solar hot water system, CEO Craig Richmond told iTWire, yet it has similar performance and works in any weather, even when a solar system would be covered by snow.

The company has also developed the Nexus reCycler, a mechanical device for treating grey water to 'near potable' quality for use in the garden or in toilets.

The two functions can be combined in a single unit.



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