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A modestly priced version of Actian's high-performance Vectorwise database aims to help smaller organisations into the world of Big Data.

This time last year, Ingres's Vectorwise set a new TPC-H benchmark record that was 3.4 times faster than the previous recordholder despite running on the same hardware. Certain queries can be processed almost 80 times faster by Vectorwise than conventional databases.

In September 2011, Ingres changed its name to Actian, and announced a new line of activity. Action Apps would, the company said, allow massive databases to be combined with publicly available feeds such as Twitter to drive lightweight, easy to use apps, especially in the BI area.

Actian has now announced Vectorwise Workgroup Edition to provide midsize organisations with access to Big Data analytics. The idea is to hit a price point well below that associated with enterprise products from IBM, Oracle or Teradata, while delivering far greater performance and ease of use than traditional database technologies.

Vectorwise Workgroup Edition is priced from $US9900.

"Mid-market organisations and Workgroups have business challenges that require enterprise-class technology" said Actian CEO Steve Shine. "Yet, they don't have enterprise-sized resources in the way of IT staff or large budgets for projects, especially uncertain ones. They for sure don't have a lot of time to play around with technology.



"Vectorwise Workgroup Edition allows these organisations to leverage the same analytic firepower that's available to the enterprise in order to increase the performance of their business and seize upon new revenue streams with extraordinarily modest hardware requirements."

Jason Leonidas, Actian's VP of sales in Australia, noted that SMEs are an important part of the Australian economy, but powerful analytics have previously been out of their price range.

"Most SMEs and Workgroups are running on the Windows platform. There are over 100,000 business in Australia with an annual turnover between $2M and $100M, accounting for $16B of our economy. Vectorwise Workgroup Edition for Windows allows customers to get the benefit of a specialised analytical database without the need to go to expensive high end solutions. Remember, all large enterprises were once small and then medium businesses".


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Stephen Withers

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