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A new conference and workshop sessions for folks involved in transmedia has been announced for early next year.  What is transmedia? What a fine question.

According to the organisers of Transmedia Victoria Conference & Workshops an example of the possibilities of this art form is 'Imagine conversing with a character online before attending a play in which you are part of a fictional town. Imagine being taken by bus to a secret venue to hear your favourite band, and then be thrown out by a fake SWAT team.  Imagine continuing your film experience after the event, with phone conversations with characters and online escapades.'

The thinking behind Transmedia Victoria Conference & Workshops is to bring together writers, designers, artistic directors, directors, producers, project managers from the film, TV, theatre, gaming, digital, music and literature sectors to attend an event to educate, inspire and develop skills for working in Transmedia.

The event will be jointly funded by both state and federal agencies and takes place in Melbourne across two venues: The Transmedia Victoria Conference will take place at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image on the 27th of January, while the Transmedia Victoria Workshops will be held at the State Library of Victoria on the 28th January.

Christy Dena, curator for Transmedia Victoria is very excited about the line-up for the conference and workshops:  "I am thrilled to be able to bring such a diverse and rich collection of transmedia professionals from around the world and Australia to share their hard-won experience and vision. Professionals from film, TV, theatre, gaming, and digital sectors will be coming together to share knowledge and forge strong partnerships. Victoria has much to look forward to artistically and industrially."

Speakers include USA writer and producer Flint Dille who has worked on franchises such as Batman, James Bond, Mission Impossible, and Riddick. The USA experience designer of key online experiences for The Dark Knight, Nine Inch Nails, Pirates of the Caribbean, Steve Peters, will be sharing his processes on developing transmedia ideas. Award-winning UK theatre director, producer and writer Tassos Stevens will be sharing his techniques for exploring new forms of theatre and play. The Executive Director of Arte France Cinema, Michel Reilhac, and the Executive Director of three Canadian media funds, Andra Sheffer, will be sharing lessons learned and strategies for funding and developing quality transmedia projects. Award-winning locals such as producer Sue Maslin and Jackie Turnure will be divulging their lessons learned in creating transmedia projects. There are many more.

For further info on the event, please visit www.transmediavictoria.net.au,  email info@transmediavictoria.net.au


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