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As predicted, iPhone 3G S pricing from Vodafone is virtually identical to the pricing it unveiled for the HTC Magic Google Android phone earlier this month, at $0 upfront on a range of plans including unlimited voice and the happy surprise of fee-free tethering in contrast to Optus. What are the details?

With Vodafone offering the latest Android Google phone, the HTC Magic, at $0 upfront on a range of plans, it seemed obvious that the iPhone 3G S would likely be priced identically once it launches on June 26. 

This has happened, with the HTC Magic Android phone now actually available at a discount of the first three months free, a price drop in less than 30 days since the phone launched!

Still, when you’re up against the iPhone 3G S, anything is possible, especially as the iPhone does steal all the limelight, being the ever improving smartphone the rest of the cell phone world keeps trying to iKill without success.

Google Android OS 1.5 comes very close without yet any multi touch cigars, although they will come, and the true success of the Nokia N97 and WM 6.5 phones is yet to be seen over the coming weeks and months – and they’ll no doubt have multi-touch successors, too.

But all that’s in the future and today’s multi-touch king is the iPhone 3G S, and at Vodafone’s pricing, a continuing price war has been extended against Optus, Telstra, Virgin Mobile and even Vodafone’s new merger parter, 3 Mobile.

Vodafone’s unlimited voice with 2GB plan at AUD $114 per month was meant to expire at the end of this month, the 30th of June, but a Vodafone spokesperson confirmed this plan has now been extended until the 31st of July.

This isn’t surprising because the unlimited option would either stop being offered or would rise in price, and you can’t launch with prices and then change some of them six days later.

But in theory, with the unlimited offer extended to the 31st of July, prices could change in 36 days, or not, with the deal extended again.

Whatever Vodafone does, it needs to be careful to ensure it doesn’t oversell its network capacity to too many users and resellers, as Optus did from the time of last year’s iPhone 3G launch onwards.

Details of Vodafone iPhone 3G S pricing and plans, along with a link to Telstra’s supposed “leaked” pricing plans and much more is on page 2 – please continue.


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