Sam Varghese

Sam Varghese

A professional journalist with decades of experience, Sam for nine years used DOS and then Windows, which led him to start experimenting with GNU/Linux in 1998. Since then he has written widely about the use of both free and open source software, and the people behind the code. His personal blog is titled Irregular Expression.

Last week, the Australian government gave the citizenry a good demonstration that the country's existing anti-terror laws work. Around 15 people were arrested in a massive show of strength by security forces, and there was wall-to-wall media coverage.

From its next release onwards, Debian users will be forced to use just one init system - systemd. This much is clear from resolutions of the project's Technical Committee.

One of the wonderful things about Linux is that it runs on so many different devices, right from a little wristwatch, all the way up to a supercomputer. The French oil giant Total is using that ability to aid in its oil discoveries, with a new SGI supercomputer that runs SUSE Linux.

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