Sam Varghese

Sam Varghese

A professional journalist with decades of experience, Sam for nine years used DOS and then Windows, which led him to start experimenting with GNU/Linux in 1998. Since then he has written widely about the use of both free and open source software, and the people behind the code. His personal blog is titled Irregular Expression.

Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon has described the refusal of the special minister of state to release source code for the application used to count votes for Senate elections as "another example of the state of secrecy the Abbott government relies on to protect its interests".

Using a title like The Decline and fall of IBM for a book is a big call; there needs to be a lot of meaty stuff within those covers to justify the name. On that count, Robert X. Cringely's recently released book fails.

The Australian special minister of state, Michael Ronaldson, has refused to honour a Senate motion to release the source code of EasyCount, the application used for counting votes in Senate elections.

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