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Australian electronic calendar marketing company ECAL has claimed 500,000 users after a new update that integrates their software with every major electronic calendar program, as well as smart phones, tablets and Facebook.

According to ECAL the system is now being used by major players including Fox Sports, AFL Clubs and Super Rugby in Australia. It is also used by the New Zealand Rugby Union, the European Golf Tour, Premier Rugby Clubs throughout Europe, and in the US by Major League Soccer, NCAA and Univision.

“ECAL bypasses the chaotic email inbox and delivers content-rich events information direct to the customers’ preferred personal schedule. This is a perfect channel to reach customers and fans of broadcasters and major sporting and lifestyle organisations,” Founder and ECAL CEO, Patrick Barrett, said.

“The email inbox is often absolutely full with spam and non-essential messaging,” he said.

“The average corporate globally sends or receives close to 200 messages a day, and our clients are typically experiencing falling email open rates, that are sometimes as low as 5%.

"ECAL is all about delivering specific and relevant events information directly into the calendar, where it belongs. So awareness levels are much higher, and the engagement is deeper and much more intimate.

“The new ECAL system is completely self-manageable. You can now create an ECAL account instantly on our website, login and begin using the planning and scheduling software straight away.

“We’ve also released subscription packages starting from as low as $39 per month following a 30 day free trial," he said.

The company said in a release that "publishers of all sizes" can use the ECAL calendar marketing system to deliver their match schedules, business events, community events, TV programming, promotions and player birthdays directly into the personal, mobile and social diaries of their customers.

It's also free for the end user, which is always good.

“The advancements in calendar subscription technology has allowed us to create this dynamic platform and offer ECAL as a ‘Software-as-a-Service’ that can now be enjoyed instantly by virtually any publisher, individual or organisation worldwide that has a series of events to promote," Mr Barrett said.



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David Swan

David Swan is a tech journalist from Melbourne and is iTWire's Associate Editor. Having started off as a games reviewer at the age of 14, he now has a degree in Journalism from RMIT (with Honours) and owns basically every gadget under the sun.






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