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EFTPOS boss admits that move to PINs causes tipping problems at cafes

31 July 2014 in Business Technology

The CEO of elecronic payments company eftpos, Bruce Mansfield, has admitted that the move from signatures to mandatory PINs when…

Copyright – Industry versus consumers

31 July 2014 in Technology Regulation

Pay TV company Foxtel thinks the Government’s anti-piracy plans are a great idea. Consumer group Choice begs to differ,

The digital tipping point has arrived

31 July 2014 in Entertainment

Using the internet is about to eclipse watching TV as our preferred source of entertainment, and reading the news online…

What is your ‘quantified self’? And how safe is it?

31 July 2014 in Security

Security company Symantec has released a report called ‘How safe is your quantified self?’ It is intended to highlight the…

GovHack hackathon 'remixes, reuses' government data

30 July 2014 in Development

Governments across Australia at various levels are thankfully making the push towards opening their data, and GovHack 2014's Melbourne event…

Government releases piracy discussion paper

30 July 2014 in Technology Regulation

Nearly a week after it was leaked, the Government has formally released its discussion paper on ‘Online Copyright Infringement’.

Huawei smartphones on a rapid ascent

30 July 2014 in Mobility

China's Huawei Technologies is ramping up its booming smartphone business, shipping 62% more smartphones in the first half of 2014…

NBN Co and Ericsson extend wireless agreement to satellites

30 July 2014 in Telecoms & NBN

NBN Co and Ericsson Australia have signed a four-year contract to deliver fixed wireless and satellite services to regional and…

New market share data shows rise of MVNOs

30 July 2014 in Mobility

A new analyst group has entered the Australian mobile phone research market. The firm’s first lot of data shows a…

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Who will win? Watch Supermoon and Perseid meteor shower battle it out!

30 July 2014 in Space

The Perseid meteor shower is gearing up to show us a whole bunch of fireballs screaming across the August night…

Has Toast lost its way?

30 July 2014 in Core Dump

Toast 12 has been launched, but do you need to upgrade?

TV finally losing its heated battle with the Internet

30 July 2014 in Entertainment

The seemingly inevitable is finally upon us - Internet use has almost taken over from TV as our preferred source…

MacBook Pro with Retina gets customary speed bump

30 July 2014 in Hardware & Storage

When you're onto a good thing, stick to it. Where some companies seem to release new models every few months,…

Watch Turtle Webcam of loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings in Florida Keys

29 July 2014 in Biology

See the streaming, high-definition video of a webcam recording about one hundred infant loggerhead sea turtles heading out from their…

New Aussie device set to help the blind read graphics

29 July 2014 in Health

Australia's blind population can now read more than just words, such as graphs and graphics, following the development of an…

Rackspace ObjectRocket now available in Australia

29 July 2014 in Cloud

Rackspace's ObjectRocket - MongoDB as a service - is now available to the company's Australian customers.

Team GearBox takes out Sydney BattleHack

29 July 2014 in Development

Team GearBox has won the Sydney BattleHack hackathon this weekend, and will go on to represent Australia in the BattleHack…

seL4 OS kernel open sourced by NICTA

29 July 2014 in Open Source

Parts of the seL4 secure operating system have been released as open source.

‘Strategic insight’ from StayinFront’s new mobile retail solution

29 July 2014 in Mobility

On-demand sales force automation solution and CRM vendor StayinFront is claiming a ‘ground-breaking’ release with its new mobile selling solution…

Efficiency gains for council with TechnologyOne deployment

29 July 2014 in Enterprise Solutions

The City of Newcastle has completed the first stage of implementation of TechnologyOne’s OneCouncil solution, designed to deliver improve customer…

HGST pushes SSD to 1.6TB

29 July 2014 in Hardware & Storage

Western Digital subsidiary HGST has released new SAS SSDs with capacities up to 1.6TB.

Latest ABC Android app tweaked for tablets

29 July 2014 in Mobility

The latest version of the ABC app includes for the first time support for Android tablets.

Axelrod measures up to Local Measure's COO role

29 July 2014 in People Moves

Location-based social platform Local Measure has appointed Sara Axelrod as its first chief operating officer.

Is Earth headed into its sixth mass extinction? Some say yes!

29 July 2014 in Biology

According to several studies published in the journal Science, the Earth is in the early stage of its sixth mass…

Do the fist bump! It’s less germy than a handshake or a high-five.

28 July 2014 in Health

A recent study has researched just how many germs are transferred from person to person when they shake hands, fist…

Big plans for IT360

28 July 2014 in Business Technology

ManageEngine isn't resting on its laurels: the company has grand plans for its IT360 infrastructure monitoring suite.