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Seagate ships 10 Millionth hybrid drive

15 September 2014 in Hardware & Storage

Two years after Seagate shipped the first hybrid solid-state/hard-disk drive, the company has announced the 10 millionth unit has left…

Internet of Things is an opportunity for Akamai

15 September 2014 in Cloud

The emerging Internet of Things provides enterprise cloud services company Akamai with opportunities for growth.

LG executive allegedly vandalises Samsung washing machines

15 September 2014 in Strategy

Korean tech giant Samsung is embroiled in a fresh legal battle with a rival company but of a much smaller…

Torvalds says he has no strong opinions on systemd

15 September 2014 in Open Source

Linux creator Linus Torvalds is well-known for his strong opinions on many technical things. But when it comes to systemd,…

SUNA Traffic Channel expands to new areas

15 September 2014 in Mobility

The SUNA Traffic Channel that delivers live traffic information to car navigation systems via FM radio is spreading to more…

Telcos rush to sell iPhone 6 - how to compare Apples to Apples

15 September 2014 in Mobility

Australia’s telcos have fallen over themselves to announce they will be selling the iPhone 6. They all claim special deals,…

Optus 10 and Jabiru-2 satellites launched

15 September 2014 in Networking

The sighs of relief from French Guiana were audible in Australia as two satellites were successfully launched Friday morning (AEST).

O'Sullivan out, Lew in as Optus CEO

15 September 2014 in People Moves

SingTels' Allen Lew will move from Singapore to Sydney to become CEO of Optus and SingTel’s Consumer Australia division. He replaces…

iPhone 6 maybe, Apple Watch not really, U2 who cares?

12 September 2014 in Beerfiles

After digesting the extravaganza of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch announcements this week, I wondered why I didn’t feel…

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Steve Jobs' kids didn't use an iPad

15 September 2014 in Mobility

Apple iGod Steve Jobs may have become famous for bringing an iDevice into every household but it's been revealed he…

Review: Vid2pix for Windows Phone 8.1

15 September 2014 in Software

Every now and then an app comes along which is so simple yet clever you wonder why you weren't already…

Lenovo ThinkPad 10 - review

13 September 2014 in Hardware & Storage

Chinese company Lenovo is now the world’s largest computer designer and manufacturer – edging just ahead of US based HP.

HP – five new consumer computers and two printers

12 September 2014 in Home IT

HP has been around for 75 years and has dominated the commercial market. Its consumer products have caught up –…

NASA chooses 4 companies for commercial suborbital flights

11 September 2014 in Space

On September 8, 2014, NASA announced the selection of four U.S. firms that will provide the U.S. space agency with…

More options, more acceptance for DaaS providers

11 September 2014 in Cloud

The growing number of choices in cloud infrastructure is making things easier for businesses that want to offer desktop as…

Cygnett hatches iPhone 6 accessories

11 September 2014 in Mobility

Mobile accessory maker Cygnett was ready to go with cases and other accessories for the iPhone 6.

Seagate refreshes enterprise and cloud portfolio

11 September 2014 in Hardware & Storage

Storage vendor Seagate has announced new or refreshed products ranging from enterprise hard drives to storage appliances.

Apple cuts iCloud storage fees

11 September 2014 in Mobility

Apple has reduced the price of iCloud storage ahead of the introduction of iCloud Drive.

New managing director for Nuance Australia and New Zealand

11 September 2014 in Enterprise Staff

One of the main forces behind Apple's Siri technology, Nuance Communications, today announced a new Australia and New Zealand managing…

AVG follows NTIA privacy notice lead

11 September 2014 in Home IT

Security software vendor AVG Technologies has responded to a US proposal for simplifying the disclosure of information collection practices.

Internet ... slowdown ... day ... is ... here

10 September 2014 in Telecoms & NBN

Hate buffering? Internet slowdown day is here, Wednesday 10th September 2014 across the USA.

5 million Google accounts potentially compromised

10 September 2014 in Security

Nearly 5 million username and password combinations for Google accounts has been allegedly leaked online to a Russian forum.

Planetary scientist joins asteroid mining company Planetary Resources

10 September 2014 in Space

Dante Lauretta, a professor of planetary science at the University of Arizona, is joining Planetary Resources, Inc., an asteroid mining…

Vend puts Bitcoins in the till

10 September 2014 in Business Technology

Cloud POS provider Vend's latest feature is Bitcoin integration.

Tigerspike boosts global push with new appointment

10 September 2014 in People Moves

Australian-based enterprise and mobility technology company Tigerspike has moved to further strengthen its global presence with the appointment of an…

HP expands security portfolio

10 September 2014 in Security

HP has announced a trio of new products and services to help organisations improve their IT security.