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A-G George Brandis: getting to the heart of the meta

27 November 2014 in Fuzzy Logic

Australia’s Attorney-General, George Brandis, seeks to impose metadata collection on the citizens of Australia, but doesn’t want his own metadata…

Report: GoPro to parrot Parrot and make drones

27 November 2014 in Mobility

GoPro is under attack by a range of sports camera makers, including HTC with its RE camera, so to diversify,…

Lundy to retire at next election

27 November 2014 in People Moves

Kate Lundy, ALP Senator for the ACT and well respected for her connections to the IT industry, will retire at…

IDC predicts global tablet growth at 7.2% over 2014 including ‘iPad decline’

27 November 2014 in Mobility

With the mad rush of Christmas sales for Apple’s bigger-than-ever iPad range still to come during December 2014, IDC has…

NICTA suggests radical change in way governments do business

26 November 2014 in Government Tech Policy

Australia’s ICT research centre of excellence NICTA has come up with a radical plan to change the way all governments…

Unicorn goes wild - unpatched Windows gets the horn

26 November 2014 in Security

A very old but only just fixed Windows vulnerability is the key to a new in-the-wild attack.

VIDEO: Kim Dotcom - Kim DotBROKE or Kim Dotcon?

26 November 2014 in Entertainment

The man who broke the Internet’s copyright conventions long before Kim ‘DotKardashian’ pimped her shiny butt in Paper magazine, Kim…

The Box will protect everything

26 November 2014 in Security

So says BitDefender in introducing a new solution for protecting the Internet of Things.

ACORN planted to wipe out Cybercrime in real time

26 November 2014 in Home IT

Australia’s Federal Minister for Justice, Michael Keenan, has keenly launched the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network or ACORN, where cybercrime…

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Apollo-M: Learn to Play Music on Indiegogo is 36% funded in 3 days

28 November 2014 in Home IT

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to play music, but found it all too hard and expensive, or are a…

CAPTCHAs killed… by making them fun with FunCaptcha?

28 November 2014 in Home IT

Telstra may have killed the CAPTCHA thanks to an ACCAN initiative pointing out the squiggly letters and numbers are discriminatory…

bitcoin.com.au changes hands for $40K

27 November 2014 in Strategy

Dot-com boom-and-bust survivor Domenic Carosa's dominet digital has paid almost $40,000 for the bitcoin.com.au domain name.

MYOB management restructure to meet growing Cloud demand

27 November 2014 in Accounting Software

Accounting software vendor MYOB has restructured its senior management team in a move which it says will facilitate increased focus…

Clicko's Cyber Monday claims growing support

27 November 2014 in Home IT

200 small online businesses are already involved in an attempt to bring a US-style Cyber Monday online shopping event to…

Vinnies connects with Azzurri comUnity

27 November 2014 in Networking

Azzurri Communications revamped the St Vincent de Paul Society's WAN, providing significantly more for not much extra money.

VIDEO: New startup streamlines asset management for SMBs via cloud

27 November 2014 in Business Software

Former IBM, Trimble and Salesforce.com exec Chris Petersen has launched ‘Cloud Awakening’ and unveiled a new platform designed to revolutionise…

Video: Exosuit armed zombies jump-shamble Call of Duty

27 November 2014 in Entertainment

Here is the latest video and number crunching from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare publisher Activision.  The video shows off…

Cloud rolling in: Sophos's 'leapfrog' move

26 November 2014 in Security

The recent release of Sophos Cloud Server Protection is just part of a broader strategy.

Schneider Electric appoints O’Reilly to top job

26 November 2014 in People Moves

Schneider Electric has promoted Gareth O’Reilly to the top regional job for its Australia-New Zealand business.

Kogan’s $239 Agora 4G+ goes Cat 4: meow, meow, meow, wow!

26 November 2014 in Mobility

Want a Cat 4-class 700MHz capable Android Kitkat smartphone at a price that might see your jealous, overpaying friends get…

VIDEO: Tech21’s smartphone cases make an IMPACT by softening it

26 November 2014 in Mobility

When it comes to iPhones, Samsungs, LGs, HTCs, Sonys, Nokias, Nexuses, Blackberries and other smartphones, protective cases are a dime…

ME Bank appoints new CIO to lead digital transformation

26 November 2014 in People Moves

Melbourne-based ME Bank has a new CIO, with former GE Capital executive Mark Gay appointed to the position, taking over…

Telstra doubles down on tempting tablets

26 November 2014 in Mobility

Telstra is doubling up its range of tablets in selected stores to make more sales, with Telstra typically characterising it…

Facebook wants to be your Aussie roomie

26 November 2014 in Entertainment

Facebook’s new app, Rooms, has come to a very roomy country - Australia - and you can you can use…

Fire service using Polycom video collaboration

26 November 2014 in Deals

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service has deployed the Polycom RealPresence One video collaboration solution to enable real-time communication…

National Voice + Data moving into Equinix ME1

26 November 2014 in Deals

Equinix has signed a new tenant for its ME1 data centre: cloud and communications services provider National Voice + Data.