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GCHQ gave private Dutch data to Australian firm: report

01 October 2016 in Security

The private conversations of thousands of Dutch citizens have ended up in the hands of the Australian technology company Appen…

Microsoft to focus on AI

30 September 2016 in Business Intelligence

Microsoft has announced that more 5000 of its engineers and computer scientists will join its new AI and Research Group.

Samsung: washing machines, tablet, award-winning GS7 Edge exploding

30 September 2016 in Home Tech

Samsung has seen at least two reports of its Galaxy S7 Edge exploding, and US authorities are warning of exploding…

Apple iPhone 7 Plus explodes in transit

30 September 2016 in Mobility

Lithium batteries are hot topics at present. It appears that a new Apple iPhone has exploded in transit.

Medical dataset pulled after doctor details leak

29 September 2016 in Government Tech Policy

The federal Department of Health has been forced to remove a dataset made available to the public on the data.gov.au…

BDO says R&D Tax incentive will adversely affect start-ups

29 September 2016 in Government Tech Policy

R&D tax experts, BDO Australia, stated its position on the six recommendations outlined by the federal government in its Review…

It is time for the laws of AI

29 September 2016 in Technology Regulation

Tech giants Google, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, and Amazon have formed a “partnership on AI”. It is a shame Isaac Asimov…

Blackberry out of the handset business

29 September 2016 in Mobility

Einstein once said insanity is to keep doing something and expect a different result. BlackBerry’s long-term insistence that its handsets…

ABS accused of destroying public trust in census

29 September 2016 in Government Tech Policy

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has been accused of destroying public trust by converting the 2016 census from an anonymous…

Breaking IT News

Finite’s Tracy Thomson selected as finalist in SARA recruitment awards

01 October 2016 in Recruitment

Finite IT Recruitment Solutions managing director Tracy Thomson has been named Finalist for Recruitment Leader of the Year in the…

Ziggy gets another three years as NBN Co chairman

30 September 2016 in Government Tech Policy

Dr Ziggy Switkowski has been reappointed as chairman of NBN Co and a non-executive director of the board for three…

Amazon Kindle – the best way to read a book

30 September 2016 in Internet of Things

Amazon’s new Kindle has a hi-contrast, e-paper, touch screen that is almost as simple to use as a book.

Samsung adds Dolby Atmos to soundbar range

30 September 2016 in Entertainment

Dolby Atmos was the province of big screen cinema but it is creeping into home cinema and wearables as well.

Goodbye! Sad moment when Vodafone turns off 2G GSM in 2017

30 September 2016 in Telecoms & NBN

Telstra dumps 2G by end 2016, Optus in April 2017 and now Vodafone will follow suit turning off 2G GSM…

Android Wear may not work on iPhone 7

30 September 2016 in Internet of Things

The smartwatch ecosystem has come down to three main players: Android Wear, Apple watchOS, and Samsung’s Tizen.

Xiaomi says 'We intend to outdo the iPhone'

30 September 2016 in Mobility

Ever so often you see a product that challenges your perceptions. It usually offers two of the three epoch-making criteria…

Xbox One Wireless Controller to support Samsung Gear VR

30 September 2016 in Entertainment

Microsoft have quietly started expanding the Xbox wireless ecosystem to other devices.

Cyber defence collaboration to be the space race of our generation

30 September 2016 in Enterprise Solutions

iTWire met Splunk chief technical officer, and visionary, Snehal Antani, who gave his roadmap for the future.

Splunk introduces machine learning and intelligent service desk

29 September 2016 in Enterprise Solutions

Splunk announced this week its machine learning toolkit, as well as practical applications of this, built into its new IT…

YouGov pokes Pokémon Go popularity post July launch

29 September 2016 in Entertainment

This is no poker bluff, but a YouGov survey finding that "less than 40% of respondents in APAC were Pokémon…

Yellowfin uses BI to predict Bulldogs to win 2016 AFL Grand Final

29 September 2016 in Business Intelligence

Yellowfin is using business intelligence or BI, allowing its data analysts to make the prediction that the Bulldogs will defeat…

Xero integrates MyWorkpapers audit and work paper solutions

29 September 2016 in Accounting Software

Xero has added MyWorkapers (previously known as AuditFlow) cloud-based products to its easy-to-use small business software to improve the overall…

KEMP says it's rhipe for Aussie cloud load balancing

29 September 2016 in Cloud

KEMP’s new consumption and licensing options for its virtual load balancers and ADCs will be delivered in partnership with Aussie…

Fake IOS jailbreak extracts money

29 September 2016 in Security

Jailbreaking allows iOS users to access a range of apps outside the safe walled garden known as Apple’s App Store.

NetSuite adds to developer tools

29 September 2016 in Cloud

Cloud ERP provider and Oracle subsidiary NetSuite has announced its SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF), a new part of the SuiteCloud…

Software AG boosts Australia, NZ management team

29 September 2016 in People Moves

German-based, global enterprise software company Software AG has beefed up its Australia-New Zealand management team.

KPMG now a player in the software market with digital services platform

29 September 2016 in Strategy

KPMG Australia’s has made a foray into the professional services software market with the release of the first live offerings…

HP allows third-party ink on some printers

29 September 2016 in Print Solutions

Some consumers recently woke to find a firmware update on some HP inkjets had blocked the use of third-party ink…

Startup Talk To You Soon using NextDC data centre to underpin growth

29 September 2016 in Data Centres

Sydney-based telecommunications services provider, Talk To You Soon, has set up a point of presence at NextDC’s Sydney data centre…

In 2016, NAB is still in the era of snail mail

29 September 2016 in Open Sauce

In 2016, digital transactions are the norm. Or so one would think. But this does not appear to be the…

Microsoft Surface Book – 'Notebook of the Year'

29 September 2016 in Home Tech

Microsoft’s Surface Book was awarded “Notebook of the Year” at the prestigious UK T3 Awards, often called the “Oscars of…

T3 Awards – the 'Oscars of Tech'

29 September 2016 in Home Tech

There are awards, and then there are awards. T3 has become the definitive award judged by its magazine readers and…

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – 'Phone of the Year'

29 September 2016 in Mobility

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge was awarded “Phone of the Year” at the prestigious U.K. T3 Awards, often called the “Oscars…






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